#rsrh City of Richmond responds to Tea Party fairness request with …AUDIT?

If this story is true:

…as reported on the front page of the Richmond Times Dispatch, the Richmond Tea Party delivered an invoice for charges incurred in our previous three Tax Day rallies at Kanawha Plaza because Mayor Jones chose to allow Occupy Richmond protesters to convene in the same park for two weeks.


On November 14th, representatives of our Tea Party attended the City Council meeting to speak to the Mayor and Council during the citizen forum. Mayor Jones, apparently too busy to listen to his constituents, got up and left before we spoke. He had no problem inviting members of the Occupy group to his office for a closed door meeting days later, at the same time refusing to meet with us.

His administration, however, found the time to send us an audit letter…

(Via PJ Tatler)

…then I think that Instapundit is correct: it sounds like this sort of thing that should require the attention of Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.  I mean, ‘obnoxious’ does not even begin to cover it.  ‘Gross abuse of office’ is much more accurate.  The city of Richmond is claiming that the letter was coincidental and that the audit is justified; but the city’s case is probably not helped by the minor detail that Occupy Richmond had been and continues to be effectively immune from the permitting process itself.

All in all, it’s probably going to need the attention of the state government to straighten out this mess at this point.  Which I suspect that the Richmond city government probably didn’t want to have happen.

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