#rsrh Barack Obama has lost Tina Brown.

This transcript/video from Newsbusters is fascinating, in its way. Seeing Tina Brown say:

I think that Obama doesn’t like his job, actually. I think that he is genuinely of a professioral disposition in the sense that I think that he’s interested in chewing over the pros and cons, and he doesn’t like, he doesn’t like power and he doesn’t know how to exercise power. And I think knowing how to exercise power is absolutely crucial. He doesn’t understand how to underpin his ideas with the political gritty, granular business of getting it done. And that kind of gap has just widened and widened and widened. And so that every time there is a moment, a window where he can jump in, like something like a Simpson-Bowles as well, he just doesn’t do it. He hangs back at crucial moments when you have to dive through that window.

…was fascinating, mostly because it represents a not-insignificant portion of the liberal establishment quietly washing their hands of the President.  Mind you, it’s also nonsensical in one particular area: of course Barack Obama likes power.  You don’t run for the job for two years unless you like power.  What’s happened here is that Barack Obama is simply a complete incompetent when it comes to exercising power, mostly because he had absolutely no experience in it prior to 2009.  No experience, no particular work ethic, and no external forces willing to give him negative feedback: is it a real surprise, then, that Barack Obama is a miserable failure as President?

Hint: the correct answer is ‘no.’

(Via AoSHQ & Instapundit)

Moe Lane

PS: Ahem. “I told you so.”


  • Kay B. Day says:

    Tina Brown can say less with more words than most writers I know. Many of these ‘journolister’ types will soon jump ship. Many will remain. Thing is, they’re all clueless when it comes to the real world most of us live in.

    O went to Washington with an agenda. He’s accomplished a lot towards that agenda. Brown and others like her are beginning to realize, deep down in their sophistic souls, that his agenda doesn’t go well with anyone except the voluntarily helpless.

  • Catseye says:

    Tina Brown’s an idiot, of course he likes the job, he likes being able to go out and golf whenever he wants, he likes being able to go on expensive vacations at the tax-payers expense, he likes having a big private jet to ride around in, he likes the motorcades that always have the right-of-way. It’s just all the icky stuff he doesn’t like the having to listen to reports and the making decisions parts, you know the WORK part,that’s the only part he doesn’t like.

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