#rsrh #ows This is what incompetence looks like.

Oh, this is entertaining: remember that video showing the Occupy Colorado Springs people being made to look even more like fools by Gov. Hickenlooper (D, darn it)?  Well, it turned out that the guy who shot the original footage that Verum Serum grabbed-and-edited is an Occupier, and he was not happy that we were all laughing at the superior intellect.  So, he went for a copyright take-down*.

Unfortunately for Mr. Occupier, one of the first things that the VRWC learned when we started up with this activism thing was this: Get a camera.  Get lots of cameras.  Film everything.  And lo! – somebody else was filming this event.


I believe that the technical term here is ‘pwn3d.’

Moe Lane

*Suuuuure.  Now they care about private property.  Doesn’t information want to be free, Michael Clifton?

Shame?  Me?  It is to laugh.

4 thoughts on “#rsrh #ows This is what incompetence looks like.”

  1. Hey, at least the copyright claim is correct, if annoying. Some of the clowns who showed up at the Denver blogger con are getting their clowning taken down by claiming “privacy invasion”.
    Because walking into a public place and making a spectacle of yourself ON PURPOSE is something that should be kept from the public eye…

  2. Rob (or anyone knowledgeable about this), isn’t there a standard of “a reasonable expectation of privacy” for them to contend with?

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