#rsrh The single most alarming thing about the BLS report…

…is the possibility that this White House will read no further than the reduction of the U-3 rate down to 8.6%, and conclude that they’ve done something right.  When what instead happened here, based on general observations of people on my Twitter feed who know more about unemployment statistics than I do*, is that we’re seeing a combination of reduction in workforce, seasonal hiring, and revision of past numbers finally catching up with us.  If none of that sounds particularly great, well, it’s not.  The AP ‘s college-try spin to the contrary.

But enough negativity: if the White House would like to give the economy a real shot in the arm, there’s actually an easy way to do that.  TURN THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE PROJECT BACK ON.  And energy production generally.

Moe Lane

*There are quite a few people out there who qualify.


  • dunce says:

    Obama has no interest in reducing unemployment . He said he would rather be a good one term president than a mediocre two term president. To understand what he means by that depends on what he considers good, and that is doing as much damage to our capitalist system as possible and push the country into a financial crisis that his party would not let go to waste in their eyes. Even though he can not stop economic growth forever he can dither while he holds office and do as much damage as he can. By screwing everything up that he can, he hopes that people will turn to government to straighten things out and the socialists will claim to have a mandate for more socialist programs that will take a violent revolution to get rid of.

  • AZR says:

    Speaking as an Albertan, honestly, we dont even care. We do, we want the pipeline, but quite frankly, there are other customers out there in the world. The moment that pipeline decision came down, couple weeks ago, Murray Edwards company CNS started making noise about building a pipeline/oil distribution system to China (which they were already geared toward doing, but they used the moment for some marketing).

    It’s cute that some Americans think that by stopping the pipeline they will shut down the oil sands, when they are in fact making us turn to a customer who really doesnt care about how we get the oil out of the ground. Environmentalists were never known for their ability to think things through though, were they?

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