#rsrh Hey, you know what kills head lice pretty good?

Even these super-lice that we’re hearing about now?

DDT.  And before you tell me that you can’t keep potentially toxic substances out of the groundwater, my response is going to be: you mean, like the mercury from florescent light bulbs?  Or do the Greenies not want to have that particular conversation?

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  • kali says:

    You know what else works? Shaving your head. We had to do it once when the kids were young and the chemicals weren’t cutting it. In a gesture of solidarity, their father and I shaved ours as well 🙂 Massive laundry loads later, our house and heads were lice-free.

    btw, LTRFTC*

    *Long time reader, first time commenter. And it took lice to make me comment.

  • lourae says:

    The nasty critters will do that. The indifference my dear lib friend displayed to my bout with bird mites years ago (pitching $1000 mattress!!!) was shattered when she moved to Brooklyn and encountered the fabulous bedbug. Funny how libs indulge the outrageous outrage when they are ‘inconvenienced’.

  • Dan Jones says:

    I work in the lice killing / nit picking industry. I’ve heard horror stories of people fighting lice for years and never getting totally rid of the problem. Some scientist at the University of Utah, came out with a medical device (LouseBuster) that desiccates – fancy word for dehydrates – the super lice with hot air in about 30 minutes. And now little businesses are springing up all over that offer this professional treatment. Necessity is the mother of invention.

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