#rsrh Yeah, don’t make the welkin ring for Occupy Richmond…

…just because they’re ostensibly ‘backing’ the Richmond Tea Party in the RTP’s dispute with the City of Richmond. For those who don’t remember: the RTP pointed out that the city of Richmond allowed the Occupiers much more leeway in terms of permitting and fee paying than they did the Tea Partiers, and the city of Richmond responded by auditing the Richmond Tea Party.  Now Occupy Richmond has weighed in on the matter, on RTP’s side – but I personally wouldn’t trust them on this, frankly.

Why?  Well, this is the important sentence in the Reuters article:

The statement ultimately called on the city to drop the Tea Party audit and refund any money the group has paid to secure “free speech and assembly privileges.”

Translation: Occupy Richmond doesn’t want to have to start paying its fair share, and following the law, when it does its protests.  And they know darn well that the RTP will continue to do both of its own free will, because a fundamental respect for the law and other citizens is as integral to the Tea Party movement as defecating in public is to the Occupiers.  So there’s no real downside for Occupy Richmond to weigh in like this.

Just saying – and if you don’t believe me, hey, it’s easy to check.  Ask an Occupier when they’re going to pay the proper fees in Richmond, and see what happens.

Moe Lane

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