#rsrh Let me be blunt about the NAACP petitioning the UN…

to interfere in voter registration reform programs in America.

  • As per Ed Morrissey, the UN does not have the authority to interfere.
  • The United States does not particularly need any ‘help’ with ensuring fair elections.
  • Even if we did, the UN’s core competencies do not extend to ensuring fair elections.
  • And if we ever do need help in the UN’s core competencies – which is to say, raping children and screaming at Israel – I’m sure that we have the UN’s contact information around here somewhere.

That’s all.

Moe Lane

PS: It’s a freaking photo ID card.  You need one to buy cigarettes, drink beer, rent a car, and/or fly anywhere.  The Republic will survive requiring citizens having one in order to vote.

16 thoughts on “#rsrh Let me be blunt about the NAACP petitioning the UN…”

  1. You wanna wake the sleeping bear again? You wanna see some PISSED OFF people? Try having the blue helmets show up at American polling places.

  2. If it’s too difficult or too expensive to tell someone that they need a state ID card (Which in some states is free), then they have bigger problems than whether or not they can vote.

    BCochran, if that were to happen, I guarantee you would hear my squee of delight followed by me bringing my shotgun out to play.

  3. I find the argument that african americans are so incompetent that they can’t even manage to get a state issued ID card to be the epitome of racism.

  4. I second what Jbird said…and also would like to add that I consider the implication in this article that Hispanic voting rights are being restricted for partisan reasons, despite the fact that Hispanics are NOT a bloc vote in this country, to be fairly obviously racist. And don’t even get me STARTED on the handgun thing in Texas. To get a permit to carry a concealed weapon here, YOU MUST BE ABLE TO SHOW PHOTO ID. Does the Guardian not understand why, therefore, a concealed carry permit would be considered EQUIVALENT to a state-issued photo ID?!

  5. Demosthenes, you are referring to “Al Guardian”, one of the more consistently leftist rags in British media. They don’t understand that pesky right we colonials have to own guns.

  6. I knew that, of course. But even someone who thinks, simplistically, that “guns = teh bad” should be able to understand the equivalency implicit in the licensing requirements for to carry “teh bad.”

  7. The part here that gets me upset is the complete lack of perspective. Sure, the UN may have been called in a time or two to countries to help with elections (whether or not they’re good at this is another discussion), but election trouble in other countries can mean that the voters are getting shot and killed for trying to vote, sometimes by their own military. To appeal to the UN because you have to show a photo ID is ridiculous.

  8. BCochran1981, In some or the bluer areas of the country, there would be no one pissed off. UN oversight of America is a liberal wet dream; they’ld welcome the UN like Paris welcomed the Allies.

  9. You need one to buy cigarettes, drink beer, rent a car, and/or fly anywhere

    …write a check, cash a check, open a bank account so your checks can be automatically deposited, pick up your mail or a package at the post office, get medical treatment (with or without medical insurance) at a doctor’s office, intermediate care facility or emergency room…

    And wouldn’t you need something like that to apply for benefits? I mean, they’re supposed to be the poor and/or disadvantaged so I’m assuming they’re applying for benefits.

    I’ll bet you’d have a hard time finding someone who doesn’t already have a photo ID.

  10. The entire point of this exercise is to lay the groundwork for referring to any victory over Obama as ‘illegitimate’. After all, there were concerns about minority voters being disenfranchised… right?

    There is a secondary point of creating paranoid fear among minorities so as to increase the NAACP/DNC’s stranglehold on the minority vote… but they do that anyway.

  11. This is in line with what one of the senators in my home state is doing (Nelson, Fla.)

    Most of these critics haven’t read the bills they’re assailing. In Florida, the early vote wasn’t shortened, for instance. The days were reduced but the hours for each day were extended in order to save money.I always vote early and there had to be at least 5-6 people staffing a single polling location despite the fact traffic trickled.

    As for photo i.d., those are simple to get.

    I’ll tell it like it is. The ‘crats are freaking because they may not get as many illegal votes as they like to get. It’s just that simple.

    The fact these groups are going to the UN should be used as the opportunity it is–it shows that liberals will sell this country out for pure political posturing.

  12. Kay B. Day–“it shows that liberals will sell this country out for pure political posturing.”
    They all ready have, repeatedly, and continue to do so. All that is left for them to sell is American sovereignty…

  13. The Guardian “article” was mostly just a reprint of a DNC press release, which did include “You can vote with a gun license in Texas, but not a student ID.” So it’s not just leftards in the UK, it’s leading democrats right here that don’t understand that “pesky right we colonials have to own guns.”

    I really hope they make this a major issue, all any R campaign has to do is ask “So do you really think minorities are too stupid to get ID, or are you just promoting vote fraud?”

  14. Shel, I would love to see that happen. But Republican politicians are generally too worried about being seen as bad mannered to even think of using such tactics.

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