Annnnd Pixar’s “Brave” trailer.

This one may be more iffy: as my wife has noted, Pixar’s female characters are… not often all that distinguishable (her gold standard for a good female animated character is Disney’s Mulan*), and this may be conventional tween angst-fodder.

On the other hand, Pixar.

Moe Lane

*I’d back her up on this: Mulan would not be the only Disney princess who I’d allow to join my adventuring party, but she would be the only one that I’d let stand watch or take point right away.


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  • Neil Stevens says:

    Mulan. Daisy. Leia.

    Princesses who can get things done are easier to think of than I thought.

    Wait, Mulan was a princess? *checks* Ah, Disney Princess *Brand*.

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