And here I thought that the Gandhi statue was now a beer bong.

“It” being the Peace Abbey’s Gandhi statue, which disappeared in the chaos that was the lancing, draining, and disinfection of the Occupy Boston boil on Beantown’s ass.  I didn’t think that it was stolen, per se: simply that it was going to end up in somebody’s garage, or maybe get turned into a pretentious art project… or, again, a beer bong.
But the Occupiers managed to exceed my (extremely low) expectations of them and cough up the statue.  It’s even in one piece!  Generally speaking:

Throughout its time at Occupy Boston, [Sherborn Peace Abbey director Lewis] Randa said it had gone through some wear and tear and had cracks and scrapes from being dragged.

‘Dragged.’  These people really do have a problem with respecting other people’s personal property, don’t they?  Oh, well, to quote somebody online about the Occupiers’ predecessors-in-cargo-cults: first they laugh at you, and then they laugh at you, and then they laugh at you…

Moe Lane

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