#rsrh It’s not that I DISLIKE…

…it’s not even that they’re complaining now about how awful the President is while studiously ignoring that INFINITELY PREDICTABLE OUTCOME when they were making their endorsement picks in 2008.  Everybody makes mistakes.  But has to own up to them.  2008 was a disaster for the country and a disaster for the GOP… but – and this is a person who is pretty sympathetic to libertarian arguments speaking – it was an unmitigated disaster for libertarians.  In the great game of bad vs. worse, Obama was ‘worse.’   And, by God but we have been paying for it since then.  Including me, despite the fact that Obama getting elected was not my fault.

Kind of grates, honestly.

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  • Rob Crawford says:

    And in 8 months, they’ll endorse him, again. Because constantly being wrong is less of a burden to them than being cut off from their social circle.

  • Demosthenes says:

    No, I doubt they’ll endorse Obama. A quick skim down that list shows a lot of Obama voters, but also a lot of people who voted for the LP candidate and a notable few who didn’t vote at all. I’d be willing to bet that those latter two categories increase to the combined extent that the Obama voters decline, with only a little spillover to the eventual Republican nominee. And all of them will say pretty much the same thing — “Obama has proven to be a disaster, but [Romney/Gingrich] will be too. So I’m not voting for either of them.” As someone who is a libertarian in quite a few ways, and who respects their strong stances on individual rights…this sort of refusal to understand how consequences work is the primary reason I’m not a Libertarian.

  • Aruges says:

    Ugh, Bruce Bartlett. “Bush betrayed Conservatism and spent too much! So vote for Democrats!” What an ass.

  • DaveP. says:

    …But the Republican nominee might be opposed to the legalization of ‘medical’ heroin suppositories for transgendered furry gay couples and might even be a (*gasp of horror*) Christian, or at least know people who are… so Reason will endorse Obama again. Because there’s more important things than the future of the country.
    They’re pretty predictable that way, these days.

  • Ted D. says:

    If the Ron Paul patriots decide not to vote if Paul is not selected to be the Republican Nominee, then they might as well change their support to Obama right now. A vote to any candidate other than the Republican Nominee would be a disastrous decision to “support” Obama.
    Now is the time to put aside all differences of opinion and position to ensure a Republican candidate is ELECTED to the Presidency of the US. If a Republican is not elected, this may very well be the LAST presidential election this nation will have an opportunity to participate in. I am not kidding. Just look at the provision of the National Defense Appropriations Act, 2012. Suspending Posse Comitatus, removing sodomy crimes from our US Code of Military Justice, signing treaties with the UN that have dire consequences for our 2nd and 4th Amendments to the US Constitution, what’s next with this administration? The Ron Paul folks, and any others that their guy or gal doesn’t make the cut, better be prepared to go all the way to ensure the nominee is elected, or they will be one of the biggest LOSERS of this upcoming election. This is not the time for blind pride and dining room politics. This is the election for the freedom of our Nation and how it will be governed for the future.

  • Daniel says:

    Are some of people idiots or what, 4 more years of Obama will complete the destruction of this Country. At least Newt beleives in this Country, Capitalism and our Military. He would also be a great Ally of Israel, Paul is not. If you either no not vote or decide to go 3rd Party for Paul you will have finished Obama’s jib for him.

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