#rsrh QotD, My Response To Dennis Cardoza’s QotD Edition.

So, Rep. Dennis Cardoza (D) writes an article for the Hill today called “Opinion: Obama would rather be university professor than president” in which he writes:

Let me be clear, I’m not trying to disparage professors.

My immediate response?

You failed.

Not much else to say there, except of course to note that while I recognize that Rep. Cardoza is perhaps justifiably bitter that redistricting has booted him out of Congress, why is he pausing from the laudable activity of yelling at Obama to take out  his bitterness on the GOP?  Seriously, ‘goat rodeo clowns’ is a great epithet, but shouldn’t he be reserving it for the California state legislature, which has been busily screwing up the state for almost as long as I have been alive?

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