#rsrh “The Ax is Laid To The Foot Of The Tree.”

Thus is titled Walter Russell Mead’s probably-not-meant-to-be-cheerful analysis of how our current higher education system is merrily spinning its way towards a thoroughgoing smash-up at the base of the cliff – got to love those mixed metaphors, huh?  Anyway, the basic ‘problem’ is that we’re producing mediocre ‘scholarship’ that nobody reads, let alone actually uses; and that increasing numbers of people are going to be reluctant to actually pay for.  I respond to this scenario with all the righteous fury of a liberal arts major (BA, English Literature, with a minor in History): chop.  CHOP.

Or is that the response of the partisan Republican tired of subsidizing partisan Democrats?  Ach, well, works either way.

Moe Lane

(Via Instapundit)

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