Bit of a problem, here.

I kind of agree with this sentiment about the Dwarven song from the Hobbit movie:

…it should sound pretty much just like this:

The only problem is that the above comment was actually from a spambot.

Guess it just shows that even spambotters have opinions about the Hobbit movie…


  • BigGator5 says:

    I am assuming they don’t want to make a remake of the 1977 Hobbit.

  • Brian Swisher says:

    The two things I liked best about the ’77 “Hobbit” were Richard Boone as Smaug and the irreplaceable Hans Conried as Thorin. Most of the rest was middling to forgettable, though I have to admit that their setting of “Far Over Misty Mountains Cold” is pretty good.

  • MikeCG says:

    I remember the way my mom sang it when she read the book aloud to me and my brother; it was much more jaunty and up-tempo. I’m only just now realizing that a) just how incongruous that it, and b) that’s how she sang all the songs in all the books she ever read to us. 😛

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