#rsrh The intro to this ad gets creepier and creepier every time I watch it.

Seriously.  Go over to Verum Serum and keep playing the first five seconds of the handy instructional video of how Obama supporters can ensure having a vicious political screaming match over the Christmas dinner table with the people who are subsidizing their college educations.  I shouldn’t be cruel, but there’s some weird facial expressions going on there.  Then again, maybe Ace is right: the target audience may not really have families to have Christmas screaming matches with in the first place, so would they even notice the twitching?

Also, for the record?  I’m kind of curious to find out whether any of those ‘loved ones’ gave those kids the OK to have their faces put up on a web video with the message These people are not part of the Obama Nation.  Note that I am not wondering about the legalities of it – although I should: this administration are blithering incompetents when it comes to following the law – but rather the couth.  I mean, my mom is a hardcore Democrat (heck, she’s practically a Trotskyite).  I’d still gnaw off my thumb rather than put her face in a political ad, particularly one with the subtext of BEHOLD THE NONBELIEVER…

Moe Lane


  • BigGator5 says:

    Hey Moe, I hate to post off subject, but did you get my last email?

  • Joanna says:

    It’s hard to believe any of these stories are actually true but I can guarantee that the 90 year old grandma has not been voting for 70 plus years. Voting age was 21 when she started voting. I know, I’m quibbling over details… And yeah, it’s creepy.

  • Wennejunk says:

    Joanna – the grandma may not ‘really’ be a lifelong Republican. If she was a good Dem – she could have been successfully voting since she was 20. Voter fraud wasn’t invented in the 60s.

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