#rsrh Four on the ballot in Virginia’s primary.

From BearingDrift comes the report that only four candidates have gotten in their nominating petitions for the Virginia primary by today’s deadlines:

  • Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich;
  • Rep. Ron Paul (TX);
  • Texas Governor Rick Perry; and
  • Fomer Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

The Virginia primary is on March 6th; it is, in fact, nominally part of “Super Tuesday,” although it’s not going to be the blowout this year that it’s been in the pastThere’s no indication that the Bachmann, Huntsman, and/or Santorum campaigns have filed for an extension, either.

As to what it means… well, I’m getting conflicting opinions.  Reply Hazy: Try Again Later.

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  • Tim Bladel says:

    Two things Moe, first thing I am wondering if you think it is odd that they counted so many ballots in such a short time and made sure they were all real, and how to they know they are not real, 2,000 seems like a lot to me.

    Second, I really enjoy reading your stuff, and I would like to place a link in my blog to yours so some of the people who come to my blog can go to yours. I am a student and decided since journalism and political science are my two majors I should put some work in before I get done with school, so I developed a blog and I write when I can. I do not get a lot of hits, maybe a couple 100 a day on a good day but it is still a start. Would that be something you are OK with?

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