If you’re tired of waiting to see whether the VA GOP…

…is about to light up the magnesium flare and drop it into the pool of gasoline at their feet, here you go:



  • countrydoc says:

    Neither Gingrich nor Perry make the VA primary? Both because something like 10% of their signatures are thrown out. Something “peculiar” is going on there. A primary with just Romney and the GOP’s crazy uncle seems like a set up. If it really comes down to that, the 70% of the party that does not want Romney is going to start a fire that will be difficult to put out.

  • kali says:

    Isn’t it nice how Chicago-style politics have become the norm across the country? Does anyone remember that this was how Obama got his start in politics, by eliminating his rivals from the ballot?

    Or has this been going on all along, and only now are we getting sunshine on the subject?

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