The Force Choking of Righthaven continues.

Does it feel like Christmas to you?  It feels like Christmas to me:

With the holiday weekend under way, Las Vegas copyright lawsuit filer Righthaven LLC appeared to remain in danger Friday of seeing its intellectual property auctioned off.

We have been able to acquire video of the proceedings:

Moe Lane

PS: …actually, this is funnier.

3 thoughts on “The Force Choking of Righthaven continues.”

  1. Moe, you seem to like star wars, and Ive been playing the New Game called Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, I wonder if that is something you like or not. Either, good movies.

  2. Wow, I really am a geek. I looked at the title of the second clip and was like, “But…but…that’s GENERAL Veers, not ADMIRAL Veers! How could they get that wrong!” Yeah… 😛

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