#rsrh Sen. Ben Nelson (D, NE) cuts and runs.

Three million in the bank and internal polling that showed him ahead was apparently not enough to keep Ben Nelson from announcing his retirement from the Senate; what makes this particularly entertaining is that the DSCC has already apparently dumped a million bucks on this race.  Hey, do you know which Democratic Senators up for re-election in 2012 could have used that money?


Moe Lane

PS: I am particularly thrilled by the fact that after January of 2013  I will no longer have to try to tell this guy apart from the other Senator Nelson.  Of course, the question may have been moot anyway…

3 thoughts on “#rsrh Sen. Ben Nelson (D, NE) cuts and runs.”

  1. 2012 is going to be a bad year to be a Democrat. Of course it’s not going to be very good for anybody else either.

  2. Perhaps Ben was disuaded by the continuing emails, faxes and messages sent into his office reminding him that Nebraskans don’t forget. He wouldn’t have been able to be elected dog catcher in this state. Nobody wants to be represented by a whore…even an expensive one.

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