#rsrh Important competence #protip for the VA GOP. [UPDATED]

[UPDATE: A reader has pointed out that the Virginia Board of Elections has since decided that the ninety day requirement applies to the party, not to them. These people are entertaining, no?]

If a state party organization is going to lecture campaigns about how they need to be fully cognizant of its internal rules – while using the excuse that said rules are ‘required’ by Virginian state law – it kind of helps if that organization passes internal rules that are not actually in violation of Virginian state law. Otherwise people might think that said organization was, I don’t know, doing its best to obscure the fact that it’s been mucking about with Virginian state law simply because there’s nobody who can tell it ‘No.’

Seriously, people. I was OUT of this discussion. It’s up to the courts now, right? – But then the VA GOP just had to violate the ninety-day rule in their haste to pass a loyalty oath provision (presumably as a firewall against actually letting Ron Paul win). Really, no competent state Republican party organization would have made a mistake like that, right?

Moe Lane


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