In which I make a shameless observation.

As @ewerickson notes, today is the last day in which you can give candidates money for the fourth quarter of 2011. And if you’ve been meaning to do that, go for it.

It’s also the last day you can give me money for the fourth quarter of 2011, too:

On the one hand, I won’t be using it to get elected to office and enacting a conservative agenda; on the other hand, I won’t be spending it on hookers and cocaine, either. I mean, let’s face it: it’s not like I’d even know how to find hookers and cocaine at this point in my life. Nah, it’ll just all go to roleplaying games and trashy science fiction novels.

What? What do you want me to do, lie about this?

One thought on “In which I make a shameless observation.”

  1. I’ve been reading the old Andrea Norton SF novels (her hard SF, not the goofy fantasy stuff). I’m at the age where the things of my youth are much better then the things of today’s youth. Dang kids!

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