My predictions thread for 2012.

Yeah, I have a mediocre record at best at these, so ignore as you please. Anyway:

1). I am not going to predict the Republican nominee and how he or she is going to get the nomination; but he or she will beat Barack Obama in November.

2). Not at all unrelatedly, neither the economy nor the unemployment rate will improve all that much between now and November.

3). The Republicans will retain the House, but will lose seats.

4). The Republicans will retake the Senate.

5). The US Supreme Court will declare the individual mandate to be unconstitutional, but not throw out Obamacare entirely.

6). The Syrian regime will collapse. Messily.

7). There will be a ‘shakeup’ in the Iranian regime. And a lot of ‘car accidents.’

8). A liberal Supreme Court Justice will retire. Hijinks ensue.

9). Mass Effect 3 will come out, and Not Suck. Despite the fact that there will be bitter recriminations that the Thing That Had To Have Been In There For It Not To Suck Wasn’t Actually In There.

10). The same will be true of The Hobbit, Part I. Both sentences.


  • Catseye says:

    Unfortunately Moe, I fear that 2012 will be a year of the Wolf. When it happens, it’s never a good thing.

  • NotSoBlueStater says:

    After reading George Will today, I’m giving in to the feeling that I’ve been having for awhile: The president will be narrowly re-elected, but the American people will have the good sense to temper his powers with a Republican congress. It’s not that I think the president will earn re-election, it’s just that you can only hold back the American economy for so long, and we have this odd tendency to credit presidents with controlling the ebb and flow of capitalism…

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