#rsrh Interesting: nothing from the Perry campaign since Tuesday.

At least, I haven’t gotten anything from them; and they’re one of the campaigns whose mailing lists I am on.  Normally, that would be considered a bad sign; but, keeping my RS colleague and friend* Erick Erickson’s recent post in mind, this could end up being a pretty good one. I’ve got less against Team Perry’s media contingent then some, but it’s fairly clear by now that a shakeup is needed.

Moe Lane*Which last means that you can debate him, counter him, even criticize him – but don’t badmouth him, and spell his name right. I mean, seriously, some of the ways that people mangle Erick’s name…


  • Zvi says:

    I got an email one hour ago from them to help with $$$.

  • Bryan says:


    I received a new email from the Perry Campaign today at 4:00 p.m. pacific. Silent on any changes in campaign staff, yet affirms Perry’s position as the only true conservative, the fluidity of the race, a commitment to challenging the field in South Carolina, and a call for donations. Just FYI.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Hmm. Interesting. There’s not been any new political emails, though. Press stuff: daily schedules, reactions to events, video/transcripts of ads, that sort of thing.

  • redneck hippie says:

    I received 3 emails total. Will Franklin’s Perry Almanac (he is Perry’s new media guy) which isn’t necessarily an official Perry communication (I don’t think).

    Then I got the daily email from the campaign “Rick Perry in the News”

    Also received the note about donations.

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