#rsrh QotD, I’d Pay Money To See This Edition.

Mark Steyn, on the inane questions we saw asked today and yesterday:

I see Terence Jeffrey and Andy McCarthy are having a disagreement about the correct response to a question on gay adoption. The correct response is to take an unconstitutional federally-funded supersized condom, roll it over George Stephanopoulos’ head, and say, “That’s odd. I can no longer hear a word you’re saying. So let me throw in my two bits on impending multi-trillion-dollar ruin…”

Let the record show, by the way, that I give Mitt Romney an A for his response last night to that stupid  contraception question.  But it would have been an A-plus if he had started with a “George, you ignorant slut…”

Moe Lane

Via Hot Air Headlines.


  • Bill James says:

    Well, you get the A+ instead!

  • qixlqatl says:

    Why do republican bother to attend debates moderated by liberal pinheads like G. Staphinfection?

  • Jeff Weimer says:

    Okay lefties, you want us to stop talking about social issues? Quit ASKING us about social issues.

  • Kresh says:

    @Jeff Weimer

    That would require thought and self-awareness. Both are in short supply over yonder.

  • Jeff Weimer says:

    @Kresh: I know. They DO, however, keep the goal (the will to power) firmly in sight and don’t let a damn thing distract them from that. The Stupid Party(tm) could learn a thing or two about that.

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