Blast from the past: “Suicide at the Council of Elrond.”

A recent comment here has reminded me of a post that can be found here, which was easily the best roundtable discussion that I’ve ever participated in online.  Note the date: in retrospect it’s fairly clear that we were all dreading the election results, and needed a distraction that day.

Worked, too.  IIRC, we got a certain amount of indignation elsewhere for not only being more chipper than expected in the face of looming defeat; but for being truly more chipper than expected.  It’s amazing how many people out there will find the enjoyment of their victories blighted if they can’t also tack on the despair of their enemies.  Me, personally, I just want the win; the despair’s the garnish.  If I don’t get it, I still have the win.


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