This is the single most insane thing that I’ve seen today.

Oliver Willis being screamed at for approving of Osama bin Laden’s double-tapping*. Link via @keder because I’d prefer not to give the screamer direct traffic from my site.  Not that Willis has entirely clean hands: Bush, for the record, was not “evil.”  In fact, his GWOT policy was much like Obama’s, only more competent…

Moe Lane

*For the record: I have very little problem with the idea of Barack Obama starting out each month by ROATSing a random terrorist or terrorist-enabling dictator.  I won’t even mind him taking credit for monster-killing; because, you know, the end result would be less monsters.

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  • DaveP. says:

    “Oliver Willis”? I thought he got hunted down by Japanese whalers and turned into substandard sushi long ago…

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