Breaking: judge rules Perry, et al to remain off of the VA GOP ballot.

That’s all the information that we have now; no doubt the full details will be available later. Judging from current time constraints involving absentee ballots, I don’t particularly expect much likelihood of a successful appeal.  Ach, well: as I noted Tuesday, this remained a possibility.

(This is a placeholder post: as soon as I have the full details and a chance to read the ruling, I’ll be updating.)

[UPDATE]: OK, I’ve just read the ruling. Short version: the court is denying the plaintiffs their injunction because they waited too long to file it (and the judge used here rather forceful language about that delay that will no doubt gladden the hearts of Romney/Paul supporters across the land); while at the same time noting that the in-state requirement for petition circulators is almost certainly going to be ruled unconstitutional by the courts, given recent case law.  Bad news for Gingrich, Huntsman, Perry, Santorum; good news for ballot access people in general.

I think that this one’s a dead issue now, folks.  Except that the next election in VA will probably allow out-of-state petition circulators.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

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  • QUINTIX says:

    I’ll just repeat here… (since I got redigested on redstate, after being accused of being a different gender after some formatting fail on my part (what is wrong with the image I tried to embed? Is Jackie Chan saying “Wat!?” really that offensive?) … Would you mind fixing that Mr. Lane?)

    …even if Paul wins Virginia, he cannot win nationally for a number of reasons. Any Virginians who stay at home are in effect voting for Romney.

    If Paul wins Virginia, romney looses much and paul gains nothing. Those who support Gingrich or Perry should vote with their wallets then vote Paul in protest.

    Somewhat off topic; but on topic for my b&:
    >Senator John McCain’s 2000 presidential campaign was derailed in South Carolina in part because of automatic phone calls to voters falsely accusing him of fathering a black baby.

    Even if that where from a “conservative” group behind it, why do these libs believe it had any effect whatsoever? (I firmly believe it to have been a democratic plant. I have seen enough “gay-muslim-socialists trying to abort white-male-christians” jokes to see why they would try to call crisis pregnancy centers of all places.)

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