#rsrh You know, somebody encouraged this poor woman…

…with a rotten life and bad prospects to go out there and keep trying to recruit more people to vote for the man whose party largely put her in her position.

Over the past three years, [Earline] Coe could have easily become one of those on the other end of the line — a no, a hang-up, a “refused.”

After working for Obama in the last election, Coe lost her job as a retail manager. She got another job, then lost that, too, as the recession deepened. Recently, her unemployment benefits ran out. Her husband’s job as a postal worker could be tenuous.

Whoever did that to that poor woman should be ashamed of him- or herself.

Not that I expect that they are, of course.

Moe Lane

PS: Look, either nobody “deserves” mercy, or we all do.  There’s not exactly a middle ground, here.  And I prefer to save my ire for people who have earned it, like antiwar protesters.


  • Catseye says:

    One of the most Idiotic ideas the human race has ever come up with is the idea “Fairness”. Is it fair to be born with a condition that will Kill You! The universe is a cold uncaring place, and in the end IT WILL KILL YOU! Sorry if that causes anyone to lose sleep, it’s just the truth as I understand it. Sorry, if it helps. Folly has it’s own special reward.

  • Ric Locke says:

    It wasn’t originally an idiotic idea, Catseye. If you think it through, “fairness” is the set of behaviors that works for a hunter-gatherer-scavenger tribe. As such, it served us well for something like half a million years.

    The Judaeo-Christina ethic — “pay attention to your own stuff instead of obsesssing over others” — works for agricultural and industrial societies, which require concentrating resources into the means of production. It isn’t “fair”, though, and is being rejected on that basis. The resulting destruction of the system that keeps seven billion people alive instead of half a billion or so is bad luck (ref. Heinlein).


  • Murgatroyd says:

    What’s the matter with Kansaser, Virginia? Why do these people vote in ways that are so obviously antithetical to their best interests?

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