#rsrh General primary observation.

If Iowa is the caucus where everybody has to suddenly pretend to be an isolationist who likes corn dogs and ethanol subsidies; and New Hampshire is the primary where everybody has to introduce themselves to every Republican voter in the state; then South Carolina is the primary where everybody gets the ‘let’s say horrible things anonymously about the other primary candidates’ out of their systems.  Which means that if you are hearing awful things – and I mean awful – being said, written, emailed, Tweeted, or anything else about the various candidates, take some comfort in knowing that it’ll be over after Saturday evening.

For the next four years, at least.

One thought on “#rsrh General primary observation.”

  1. You expect things will be more harmonious for Florida? From my place of ignorance, I would guess attacks on Grigrich’s ‘values’ would resonate more with the elderly or Hispanic voters there.

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