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AoSHQ found these vintage WPA posters “creepy:” I didn’t, with one glaring exception.

And even that’s more ironic than anything else.  Or maybe just weird: according to Wikipedia, this play premiered in October 1936, thus arguably making it alternate-history government agitprop intended to win Roosevelt a second term.  I find that… bemusing.

Moe Lane

PS: For some bizarre reason, I have an interest in finding out who J.C. Moffitt was.

PS: It actually can’t, at that, but here’s the book.


  • MikeCG says:

    I saw the one titled “Don’t Mix ‘Em” with the image of a bottle of whiskey and a gas pump, and my first thought was, “Who in their right mind would want to whip up a whiskey-gasoline cocktail?” Then I realized it was a drunk driving message. D’oh!

  • DaveP. says:

    In regards to Sinclair Lewis, just remember that to a Leftist it’s never fascism if it’s a leftist doing it.

  • John Henry says:

    It is a Hell of a book. It is about a fascist/socialist takeover of the US. I just reread it a few weeks ago.

    It is rather prophetic. Lots of things that Lewis predicted have come to pass. More, like the NDAA, have passed in recent days.

    I suggest that eveyone read it. You can download it free here as a text file. It formats perfectly in a Kindle.


    Download the text file and transfer it to your Kindle via USB.

    Or use Send To Reader http://www.sendtoreader.com Click the link and once the book opens in your browser, STR will send it direst to your Kindle.

    John Henry

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