Kind of quiet today, huh?

Well, this is the Work Week of Political Hell on Earth, after all: a mind-bogglingly, soul-destroying debate on Monday; an incredibly mendacious State of the Union address on Tuesday by a President who visibly isn’t even trying to pretend that he cares about the 2008 agitprop that he shelled out; and another debate tomorrow, which will probably kill fleas at five hundred yards and will leave the earth barren and grey at its epicenter for unto the next ten generations.

So, yeah, time for some catching up on the e-reading.  Himmler’s War, assuming that you care (although I bought is via Baen’s e-book service).

On the bright side, this was a startlingly good set of comments from Mitt Romney.  Then again, someone once pointed out that you’re always most conservative about the things that are most important to you, and Romney always has been a businessman.

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