Actually, Skyrim’s not half bad.

I played Morrowind briefly, back in the day: it didn’t really appeal to me, for some reason – but this is a good deal better.ย  My wife also feels that the female characters run a good deal more realistically than they do in, say, Dragon Age 2.

I’d say ‘Check it out,’ except that I’m well aware that doing so would be exquisitely pointless of me. Or redundant.


  • coondawg68 says:

    Skyrim has taken up my gaming time exclusively. The worst part is it is nearly impossible to talk much about the game with others who play because no one does any of the missions in the same order.

    …Or even close to the ‘correct’ order. I’ve been accused of being an establishment Skyrim player and worse, a RPGINO for suggesting a proper method for leveling up and completing quests.

    I’ve also noticed that a majority of the major quests are initiations into becoming member of the various guilds and warring factions. If someone isn’t much of a joiner that could be a problem….

  • countrydoc says:

    Well, if we are talking about “realistic” characters in a fantasy game then “realistically” they would not be running around, swinging swords at all. But that would certainly take the fun out of it for the female gamers. Not everyone wants to be hairy, sweaty and have social difficulty with digestive gases.

  • Dan Irving says:

    My problem with Skyrim, well for any sandbox game in general, is that my ADD will kick in and 3 hrs later I’m wondering why I’m picking tundra cotton instead of actually doing my missions.

    Currently playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. It’s more on rails and keeps me from spending too many hours gathering resources I’ll never use.

    Of course Mass Effect 3 is coming … jeesh ..

  • HeartbreakRidge says:

    Dan – I’m amazed that someone with ADD tendencies can do anything BUT play Old Republic! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Metzger says:

    ADD or OCD?

  • Kresh says:

    “My wife also feels that the female characters run a good deal more realistically than they do in, say, Dragon Age 2.”
    Wow, the running animation in DA2 must have been total sh*t, because the running animations in Skyrim are absolutely terrible.
    I’ve deleted Skyrim and I won’t be playing it again until the DLC are all out and released. The fact that nothing you do really effects game-play, or the game-world, really makes me cranky. Sort of the final straw, so to speak.

  • Mikey NTH says:

    I’ve been playing it, but I think I liked Oblivion better.
    My 2 cents:
    (1) Good chance your low-level character is going to run into something on the road that he can’t handle.
    (2) Really changed what keys do what for no real reason that I can think of.
    (3) “You must go pick-pocket this guy…” That’s not my style. I don’t do the pick-pocket, I don’t join the Thieves Guild, I don’t join the Dark Brotherhood.
    (4) The magic system has really been changed, again I’m not sure why.
    (5) The art work is beautiful – as usual.
    (6) The movement of the characters has been steadily improving.
    (7) I would really like to find a player’s guide so that I can figure out what the devil I’m actually supposed to be doing – although run around – kill things – loot is always fun.

  • Josh Reiter says:

    “my ADD will kick in and 3 hrs later Iโ€™m wondering why Iโ€™m picking tundra cotton instead of actually doing my missions.”

    Hehe, there have been more than a few times I started the game up thinking I was going to run a few quests real quick only to find myself spending hours collecting ingredients and sitting in front of an alchemy stand mixing potions. I kept hitting my encumbrance limit and finally decided that I really didn’t need 30 stamina potions considering I’m destruction spec’ed.

    I went back to playing some Oblivion after playing Skyrim and have to say I like how they streamlined the skills. I mean, in Oblivion you have to jump around like a blinking idiot just so you can increase your acrobatics; it’s pointless in my opinion. And it makes more sense that weapon skills are based on being one-handed vs. two-handed instead whether of it’s a blade or a blunt weapon.

  • Kresh says:

    “…it makes more sense that weapon skills are based on being one-handed vs. two-handed instead whether of itโ€™s a blade or a blunt weapon.”

    Does it? Are you really going to use a mace in the same manner that you would a sword? I realize it’s a fantasy world, but it’s those little details that bug me. It’s a convenient shortcut that only makes sense in a design sense.
    As much as I liked the game I didn’t like the the little tweaks that took away quite a bit from the slight realism the game had.
    Still not a bad game. Just not as good as it could have been.

  • Mikey NTH says:

    It is just a game, and with that it is fun. My questions just lie with why so many changes were done. And the only answer I can think of is “because I can”.

    In something like this it is an honest answer, but it does fail the test Prof. Althouse once said, that sometimes the hardest thing to do (and the correct thing) is to do nothing.

    Myself – I would have imported the Oblivion keyboard with one change – the continuous run key would be sent over to ‘p’ or ‘l’ to get it away from ‘q’ on that part of the board. The rest would have been left alone, there was no reason I could see to swap the brake peddle key for the clutch peddle key, or put the turn signal in the (metaphorical) trunk other than to say that I did that.

    The whole concept of “there is no class but what your character does” is fun – except when it runs up to the “your character now must do something (pickpocket) that your character has never done and won’t do again” that a storyline says. I still don’t get that because I don’t like playing that sort of character.*

    *That’s me – says nothing about anyone else, of course – I don’t do the Thieves Guild or Dark Brotherhood threads because it isn’t me.

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