Ongoing score of the debate.

At the first break: Romney & Santorum winning, Newt got hit a couple of times.

At the second break: dammit, Ron Paul got in some good points. And if this is Santorum’s last debate – it probably is – he’s going out well.

Preemptive comment before the third break: we’re going to lead with a First Lady question.  Nobody’s getting out of that one with their soul and/or dignity intact (and, yes, there really is a The Ron Paul Family Cookbook (December 2009)).  Yup, it was painful.

Last question: “…How you are the most electable?” You have got to be kidding me.

Anyway.  Newt got hurt tonight, Romney handled it well, Santorum had a great debate that won’t matter in the slightest, and Paul was the least crazy that I’ve ever heard him.

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  • NotSoBlueStater says:

    When I was younger, I used to get excited by candidates like Dr. Paul. Because government always seems to be hopelessly broken, I’d gravitate toward candidates who might make a big mess. John Silber, who ran for Gov. here in MA, was certifiably nuts, and one of my favorite votes. I’ve voted for John Anderson, Ross Perot, and Ralph Nader as well.

    All of that said, I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older that a bad president can do more harm than I’d previously believed.

    I take your comment on Paul to mean he’s doing “the primary thing”, where a candidate tailor the message to the audience a bit. Was that it?

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