#rsrh Governor Bev Perdue (D, NC) CUTS AND RUNS.

That’s the word: no official confirmation yet, but expect a press conference at about 10:30 or so.

By the way, the sound that you are hearing is the sound of a thousand Democratic political operatives glumly scratching North Carolina off of their ‘in-play’ lists.  In 2008 Perdue eked out a 50/47 win over Pat McCrory (who is running again); since then, of course, her poll numbers have plummeted, the GOP has taken control of the state house, and the ludicrous redistricting of 2000 has been repaired by the new state legislature.  In short: Bev Perdue has presided over the wreck of the North Carolina Democratic party version of the Costa Concordia wreck, and now she wants to just get out and take a taxi home.

And she’ll be joined by NC-13’s Brad Miller, who is unsurprisingly admitting today what was already known: to wit, that the duly-elected state legislature has decided that Miller’s overstayed his welcome in Congress and needs to go home now.  As one of my colleagues has privately commented, the DNC at Charlotte is going to be a wake.

Moe Lane

PS: [UPDATE]: Ed Morrissey helpfully reminds us all that Bev Perdue wanted to cancel elections in 2010. Amazing what the Democrats think that they can get away with, isn’t it?


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