…Well, I have most excellent readers.

Thanks to one of them I will now get to have my brain taken over by Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  Given this primary, that’s probably a good thing.

More seriously: if there’s a site out there that you like and appreciate, by all means, toss it a buck or two on occasion.  My cheerfully mercenary attitude towards filthy lucre aside, there’s a bunch of folks out there who kind of need the money for bills and food; and nobody’s exactly funding political bloggers en masse, more’s the pity.  If you can help them out*, well… hey, I’ve got Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! I’m good for a bit.


Well, a little bit.  “Cheerfully mercenary,” remember?

Moe Lane

*As always, this is a cross-spectrum suggestion.  If anything, the netroots have a worse situation than the VRWC does; those poor goofballs have a top-down hierarchy that rewards a handful of big sites and utterly ignores the rest. If you’re lurking this site because you hate my guts, well, OK, I hope that that your digestion is perpetually destroyed; but I also hope that you’re thinking about your compatriots in bitter impotence, because it’s for darn sure that nobody else is.

11 thoughts on “…Well, I have most excellent readers.”

  1. I hate to admit I found Minecraft about the time Skyrim came out, and got swamped by that… Yeah, the graphics aren’t the most charming, but talk about a sandbox world…

  2. Right BG5??? I mean, he’s an English Major. I thought being professors and writing books is what the did?

  3. I finished the main quest line about 2 weeks ago. There were still about 3 cities I had yet to even visit but after defeating the “World Gobbler” then everything else just seemed kinda moot. So, I went back to Battlefield 3 and was happy to see the ‘Strike on Karkand’ map pack was available and been playing that.

    SPOILER::I put nearly all my level up points into mana and destruction skills so that all I had to do was use my Dragonrend shout and cast ice storm over and over to kill the main dragon. I didn’t even die once; was kinda underwhelming. In fact it was harder to complete the Winterhold college quests to get the staff of Magnus quest item then to kill the main dragon. And I was only level 17.

  4. @BCochran1981: *shrug* I’ve actually been bugging Moe for a couple of years now about this fact, and he’s never really responded to my inquiries on a lack of book from him. I mean, it doesn’t even have to be that long. A 50K political essay and *snap* a book he can sell on Amazon. I can picture the title now:
    The Evil Giraffe: Why Blogging And Skyrim Doesn’t Mix” by Moe Lane

    1. Geez. Because I have kids and a blog and I’m terrified of doing something adult like writing a book, that’s why. This isn’t obvious? 🙂

  5. Cause covering the election of “the most powerful man in the world” is kiddie stuff. 😉

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