Had a post; didn’t gel.

Mostly revolving around this post that nails down the exact date of Ice-T’s [Ice Cube’s]* “Good Day,” which would thus show that you can trace anything on the Internet these days; and it would have been a killer point if it weren’t for the fact that by the early Nineties Ice-T [Ice Cube] was pretty much coasting on his earlier [largely imaginary] gangsta lifestyle anyway (and thus probably made the whole day up).  Not that I particularly disapprove of selling vicarious power fantasies to bored white kids with more money than sense, but it can be awkward when you’re trying to use something as an example of why information control needs to start for political candidates from Day One, only it turns out probably not being actually a valid example after all.

Ach, well.  Fake but accurate, right?

[UPDATE]: It would have helped if I had gotten the name of the rapper right, huh?  Good job by Constant Reader Jeff Weimer in comments (and notice that it turned out that I didn’t have to tone down the implicit sneer)…


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