#rsrh You know, I *was* going to buy “The Muppets” when it came out…

…on DVD: but now I will not.ย  Because while I don’t watch Fox News (or any other cable station), and while I don’t care whether Eric Jacobson likes Fox News or not, I am offended that Eric Jacobson presumed to express his opinions using the character and voice of Miss Piggy.ย  Note that I am assuming that this was ad-libbed; if it wasn’t, then it means that the one I should be offended by would be… the Walt Disney Company.

Put another way: does this represent the official opinion of the Mouse, or was it just an unfortunate incident coming from a rogue puppeteer?


  • Earlgrey says:

    I won’t buy it either or allow my free-spending hubby to buy it.

    I just can’t get over the fact that they insist on taking somethign that is supposed to be for kids and making it into a political attack.

    Blame the typos on my rage.

  • lourae says:

    The Mouse should find another voice actor. Lots of ’em not working these days–if you’ve never noticed, about the same 10 voice actors do 90% of the commercial work out there. Henson would have seen to it, not to mention Walt.

  • TennDon says:

    The whole entertainment industry with some exceptions, like country music, are nothing but a bunch of radical dims. I haven’t been to a movie in ages and will not until they stop this kind of thing.

    And… No muppets in my house for the grand kids!

  • Stan Pruss says:

    Moe, Check out this pointer for Tn-5 candidate “Big John” Smith

  • lourae says:

    TennDon, my mother wouldn’t allow us to watch Sesame Street. She objected to their ‘bad grammar.’ Yeah, I had THAT MOM.

  • Lee says:

    My daughter home schools and won’t let her kids watch Sesame Street. They have completely caved to the PC of the Left. They even got rid of Cookie Monster because of the “unhealthy food” that he promoted. PC kills fun.

    I do hope that this thing with Miss Piggy wasn’t officially sanctioned by Disney, but I will not purchase the DVD of the latest movie, nor will I go to see it. When the Muppets get involved in politics, they lose my interest, as does their company.

    The Left destroys happiness, harmless fun and childhood. Screw them, and the muppet they rode in on.

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