#rsrh OK, more major shakeups in Florida races.

(See also Leon Wolf of RedState) With the latest round of redistricting in Florida, most notable for the problems faced by Republicans Tom Rooney and Allen West by it (see here for an analysis by Sean Trende about how the latter probably wasn’t being deliberately targeted), there’s been a flurry of jumping around to try to take advantage of the two new seats available to Florida because of the 2010 Census.  Republican legislators have already negotiated district switches aplenty; but Rooney and West’s situations were particularly baroque.  This is how they resolved things:

If this sounds complicated, it is.  It also assumes that the Florida map will survive the inevitable court challenges; the Democrats will come up with a suitable reason for said challenges just as soon as they come up with one.  They’re going to find it complicated, though: Florida passed a state constitutional amendment designed to hamper gerrymandering, and an appeal courts ruled today that state constitutional amendments are in point of fact still constitutional even when they tick off professional politicians from either political party.  You’d be amazed how many politicians out there don’t seem to get that concept.

Well, maybe you wouldn’t be amazed.

Moe Lane


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