#rsrh I have been redistricted!

I got my new election card in the mail… and on the notice, there it was: an indication that my district has been changed, thanks to Maryland’s horrifically gerrymandered new maps.  WHICH IS GREAT.  I have no idea what Dutch Ruppersberger’s district’s new partisan numbers are, but they were D+7 last time; and Elijah Cummings’ (my pre-redistricting Congressman) was D+25.  There’s no chance at all that Ruppersberger did that well out of the process.

So: while the Democrats may have screwed over most of their constituents – particularly minority ones, who really should haven’t have had Montgomery County sliced up the way that it was* – at least I’m doing better out of the deal.

Moe Lane

*The question is, does the Supreme Court agree with me? Well, we’ll find out.


  • BigGator5 says:

    I will likely be redistrict from the FL-05 to FL-08. Daniel Webster isn’t getting me, I’m getting Daniel Webster.

  • DaveP. says:

    I’ve spent most of my life in the Interstate 85 district in NC… usually a top-five contender in every Worst Gerrymandering list that comes around.

  • jbird says:

    I’m in Sarbane Jr’s comical 3rd district. The worst was the addition of Montgomery County to the 6th in an attempt to get rid of ol’ Rosco. Montgomery County doesn’t have a lot in common with Cumberland and the rest of that rural district.

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