#rsrh *Question*otD, We Were Wondering That Ourselves Edition.

Steve Sugarman, while writing on how Hollywood got stop-thrusted on SOPA/PIPA, noted the same thing that the rest of us did: while both the Online Right and the Online Left generally came down hard against the two bills, when Democrats had to choose between their online allies and Hollywood they went with Hollywood.  Republicans, on the other hand…

They began to ask why they should risk the ire of their Internet supporters to rescue an industry that was happily advertising how much it hated them.

Why, indeed.  I certainly hope that entertainment executives are taking one particular lesson to heart: to wit, get your danged stables of talent under better control.  Allowing them to say any fool thing that comes into their largely vacant heads has put the studios and entertainment conglomerates into a rather sticky situation with regard to Hollywod’s influence with the government; worse, the politicians all know it

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