I haven’t really been too focused on the Komen thing…

…as while I’m definitely pro-life these days it’s still not exactly my primary yardstick for voting (it’s probably not even my secondary). However, if this account is true and what’s happened is that Komen will no longer fund Planned Parenthood for doing mammograms unless it’s PP itself doing the mammograms then this can still be scored as a win for the life movement.  That’s because PP is currently not actually set up in most cases to provide mammograms directly; which means that if they want to start providing that service then they’ll need to develop and maintain that infrastructure; which means that the money won’t actually be fungible in this case. Net result: Komen goes from indirectly funding abortions under the guise of sponsoring mammograms to funding mammograms done by a company whose primary business is abortion.

That’s… not great; but it’s less unaccountable cash in the hands of PP, which isn’t bad.

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  • Catseye says:

    Komen is going to take a hit out of this. A lot of Pro-Life people didn’t realize they gave money to PP, thanks to the Lefts hysterical overreaction, now they All Know.

  • DaveP. says:

    Komen has already backed down. A lot of folks who rushed out to donate to Komen based on its stance on PP have had to call and ask for a refund of their donations. There’ll be bad blood over this for a long time to come.

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