#rsrh Good news on the job front: we’re all the way down to 8.3%!

Down .2 percent, 243K jobs added.  Looks like actual job growth, and not people giving up as usual.  Good news for the administration, although not that good:

…they’re still woefully underperforming their promises with regard to the economy.  Still, baby steps and all that, right?


  • BJ54 says:

    A baby could do better!

  • acat says:

    Looks like the largest jumps are in food service, healthcare, and retail.
    Interestingly, waitresses, candy stripers, and perfume snipers (sorry, “medical techs” now…) are easily added and low-paying positions. Waitressing, interestingly enough, is one of the few jobs that pays below minimum wage – they assume tips will make the difference. Adding them, though, reduces the take-home of the others in the field.
    This doesn’t look all that peachy to me.

  • Phineas says:

    Eh… I question that there’s any real improvement. The unemployment number going down seems due more to far fewer people participating in the labor force: http://is.gd/RCfjAx .

  • Bill Johnson says:

    Wrong, Moe. 1.2 million left the workforce, for a net loss of….you do the math.

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