RS at CPAC: see the Occupiers! (Open

And tremble at their might!

They have tents, you see. Tents which they carry with them, everywhere that they go. For JUSTICE!

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: I made this an open thread on RS. These goofballs aren’t even worth a full post.

7 thoughts on “RS at CPAC: see the Occupiers! (Open”

  1. So, I had a salad for lunch. After watching the video, I checked the leftover salad to see if the grocer had slipped any psilocybin into the mix, but there were no mushrooms at all. So I’m forced to conclude that yes indeed, I just saw a video of people carrying their tents over their heads in a protest parade. Sheesh.

  2. When somebody offered me $60 for a days work they always expected me to accomplish something. Not sure the whole tent thing would meet the definition of “accomplish something”.

  3. Can’t they be bothered to bring out their A game at this point? Honestly, with an election coming up, they should be breaking out the A material. This sad performance is really not even worth them getting tear gassed over.

    OK, I lied. It would be worth it for them to get tear gassed. But that’s just me.

  4. Tear gas would be fun, but a de-lousing instead would be more beneficial to society as a whole. These people will be riding public transportation with productive members of society, just as one example.

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