…Whoa! Almost forgot to wish people a happy Valentine’s Day!

What did we do?

I went out and took the older kid to the post office, came back, then spent half an hour standing in line to pick up our delicious Italian take out dinner; my wife bathed the younger kid so that I wouldn’t have to.


You’ll understand when you’re married and have kids.


  • Mike Herlihy says:

    Understand five by five. My wife made me pot roast, I bathed the young Master so she could go to bell practice.

  • Slublog says:

    Sounds like my evening. Wife worked, so I fed the kids and watched an episode of “The Wonder Pets” with the two older girls. Then spent the next two hours trying to get Son the Youngest to sleep.

    Still, better than last year’s Valentine’s Day, when we had to replace a broken toilet.

  • BCochran1981 says:

    Right with you guys. Two girls here, soon to be 5 and 2. My wife and I actually had to put ourselves on a schedule/rotation for bedtime duties.

  • Tom says:

    Mama Lucia’s?

  • Wombat-socho says:

    It’s been a while since the kids were that young, but I remember.
    *heavy sigh*

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