#rsrh Walp, that was a debate.

Gotta say: if anybody won that one, it was Mitt Romney.  Rick Santorum got more boos than he probably wanted to get and Newt Gingrich only had one moment of liver consumption… which was followed by Romney following suit, of all things.  And Ron Paul was out to lunch on foreign issues, again.

Thank God these things are over.

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  • acat says:

    Romney it is, then. Where’d I leave my noseplugs?

  • MikeCG says:

    I thought Santorum had plenty of good moments, but the way Romney and Paul went after him on his record in the Senate illustrates why it is so hard for a member of the legislature to be elected President. The job by its nature requires a lot more horse-trading and compromise voting than being a governor does, and that makes for a lot of easy-to-exploit items on one’s professional record. Santorum is not a fluent-enough public speaker and debater to beat back a two-pronged attack like he faced tonight from the Romney/Paul tag team.

  • Brian Swisher says:

    “…Ron Paul was out to lunch on foreign issues…”
    And in other news, the sun rose in the East…

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