QotD, I’m Doing The Same Damn Thing Edition.

Erick Erickson, on our current lineup:

Here’s the long and the short of it — Super Tuesday approaches. I live in Georgia. And I am pretty sure I am voting for either Herman Cain or Rick Perry because I am just not sold on the final four.

As I said, I’m doing the same damn thing – only I live in Maryland, which has its primary in April; and I won’t have the option of Herman Cain (which doesn’t matter in my case anyway).  It’s ironic, in its way: I liked and like George W Bush.  I understand why his domestic policy drives a lot of activists nuts, but hell: nine months into his first term we were suddenly in the middle of a war that we didn’t actually start.  That doesn’t excuse all the bad garbage that got passed, but our current crop of Republican legislators need to do a better job of explaining said garbage; or at least, stop pretending that they were secret dissidents all along.

Ach, well, this is why we generally elect governors President.

Moe Lane

PS: Below is a list of all (I think) the states who happen to have former candidates still on the ballot.  So if you’re in one of those states, and you happen to need a good reason to go to the primary (and vote for downticket primary candidates), well, here you go…

State Bachmann Cain Huntsman Perry
Arizona N N N Y
Michigan Y Y Y Y
Tennessee Y N Y Y
Vermont N N Y Y
Georgia Y N Y Y
Massachusetts Y N Y Y
Ohio N N Y Y
Oklahoma Y N Y Y
Kansas Y Y Y Y
Alabama Y N Y Y
Mississippi Y N Y Y
Missouri Y Y Y Y
Illinois N N N Y
Louisiana Y N Y Y
Maryland N N Y Y
Wisconsin Y N Y Y
Texas Y Y Y Y

12 thoughts on “QotD, I’m Doing The Same Damn Thing Edition.”

  1. Perry’s still on in Ohio? Good!

    in other Ohio news, Marco Rubio is coming to town next month to raise $$$ for Josh Mandel against Sherrod Brown. I hope to get pictures!

  2. I don’t think I get to vote until May. Last time, though, I had the option to vote ‘UNCOMMITTED’, which is probably what’ll happen this time, too, barring the unforeseeable.

  3. Being in Texas, I’m not sure I actually get a primary this year, but I’m sure the courts will happily substitute their judgement on who should have won over that of the voters.

  4. Depending on your State, you might be able to vote for the Green candidate. I’m thinking about doing that, simply to encourage them and get them automatically on the ballot in future years, where they will siphon off the enviroloons and assorted wackos from the D side of the ballot. Just saying.

  5. Couldn’t do it. Said I would vote for Perry…fully intended to vote for Perry…got my absentee ballot with Perry;s name on it…and then couldn’t do it. I figured as long as there was one candidate in the race whom I could even halfway stand, despite whatever reservations I had about him, I should vote for him. So I did.

    1. Demosthenes: Honestly, all I care about is that you voted. If I thought that advocating a write-in campaign for Mickey Mouse would get a net increase in people voting in the primaries, I’d be pushing it now.

  6. I think we are entering a period of one-term presidents. I believe the next Republican President of 2012 will be primaried and removed in 2016. I don’t think the Democrats are going to recover fast enough to matter much in 2016.

  7. I will be voting for Perry in next month in Illinois. I just got my mother to the same. She didn’t know he made the ballot. She was about to settle for Romney. It means a lot to me because she didn’t like Perry for the majority of the race. She warmed up to him a few weeks before he left.

  8. I live in Texas and know a winner and real conservative when I see one…I will vote Perry. Obama laughs about all the rest. Santorum, Romney, Paul…all will go down easily with oby’s breakfast…Newt can argue pretty well…he may make it til dinner. Obama sweats Perry…and Perry is the one with the right stuff to turn us around and fix this nation…I want my kids to have a future…not obama’s doom and gloom. I won’t take another the GOP crams down my throat and looses even when I swallow the mess. Not this time!

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