#rsrh CPAC moving to National Harbor.

Joy McCann has the details.  Short version: CPAC 2013 will be at a site with better parking, much worse commute if you don’t have a car.  I’ll add: expect a lot of complaining next year about the new venue.  People hate it when a site changes, unless the change is either truly trivial or the change is an improvement in every way.

Also: dagnabbit, this is going to complicate my life.  The commute really was convenient.

6 thoughts on “#rsrh CPAC moving to National Harbor.”

  1. Why, oh WHY are they holding it in a Criminal Protection Zone?!
    Listen, Northern Virginia is as close to DC as this site, AND recognizes the existence of the 2nd Amendment. Considering the volume of threats of violence the left is churning out, and considering the desirability of SUPPORTING THE STATES THAT PROTECT OUR RIGHTS, this is a no-brainer!

  2. Per the NewsMax article, there will be shuttles running to two central location in the District, but that’s still a bit weird–the locals will have to get the shuttle and then take the Metro from there–so what would have been a 30-40-minute commute may turn into an hour-long ordeal.

    I wonder how many years it takes to extend a Metro line to a convention center . . . ?

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