Happy Blogger Appreciation Day!

It’s February 29th, which means that it’s time to go to your favorite bloggers and tell them that you appreciate them.  Nothing elaborate, unless you want to; but a simple and general “Thanks for the free ice cream” will go down well.  And, if you’re feeling generous, remember that it’s said that it’s good luck to hit a blogger’s tip jar on Blogger Appreciation Day.

As always, I promise to spend the money frivolously on geekstuff.

Anyway, those celebrating (or at least noting) the day so far:

Moe Lane

8 thoughts on “Happy Blogger Appreciation Day!”

  1. Thanks for linking, Moe! I added a link to this new post over at my place too. Enjoy the day, I hope lots of nice things happen to you today.

  2. Happy Blogger Appreciation Day Mr. Lane. I actually hadn’t been aware that there was such a thing until I read your post about it, and received an email from my friend Zilla. I have posted her article on my blog, which contains a link back to your site here. I hope your Blogger Appreciation Day is wonderful day for you.
    Best Regards,
    Thom Paine

  3. Of course, mine is mostly a writer’s blog. But strangely, BAD has been good to me…

    Happy B.A.D!

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