#rsrh An excellent Fast & Furious review.

If you don’t have time to read it, let me summarize: Eric Holder’s Justice Department’s attempts to utterly stonewall Congress’s investigation of Operation Fast & Furious has been done in a fashion that would, if done by any organization not aligned with the Obama administration, result in a series of raids and subpoenas by the Justice Department.  The entire structure is rotten, from the top down, and Congress is rapidly approaching the point where criminal contempt citations of top officials (including the Attorney General) will be issued.  Historically, that’s the point where the executive branch throws in its cards and goes along with the legislative branch.

But let me add this: I am not actually confident that Attorney General Holder and President Obama realize that they’re over a barrel, here.  I know that a lot of people have been impatiently waiting for this story to hit the front page, stinks and all, but good scandals take time to ferment.  If Congress is going to issue contempt citations because the Justice Department won’t give up documents, and if the administration lets them go through with it, there is absolutely no way that the media won’t go on a full-court press about the Attorney General being held in contempt by Congress.  And before anybody thinks that this will be a net positive for the administration, let me remind you of something: people died because of administration incompetence, and the administration then tried to cover it up.  That makes this particular scandal quite a bit different than just about every other Washingtonian scandal of the last forty years.

Shorter Moe Lane: chum in the water.

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  1. Timing is everything.

    For the Dems to replace Obama, they need this to break early enough that they can have the convention lend legitimacy to the replacement, but late enough that the GOP candidate is clear….

    Sorry, just thinking out loud.


  2. Eh, at this point I really, really doubt it. I’d like to think you’re right, but this is the Stupid Party we’re talking about. If the first dozen or so instances of lying to Congress, ignoring subpoenas, etc., wasn’t enough to get a contempt citation, why do you think the next dozen or two will be any different?

    And even if it happens, how, exactly, do you think that the Obama-appointed, Holder-crony DOJ IG is going to respond to a contempt citation? He’s going to ignore it, and the media won’t report anything on it until after the elections are safely past.

    No, the only way we’re going to see anything on this is if we somehow keep the House, win the Senate, and Obama wins against whichever feckless RINO we put up against him, and about two dozen senators actually acquire spines to go along with an independent prosecutor. Odds of those four are, imo, pretty good, ok, fifty-fifty, and zero, which makes the combined probability zero, give or take a bit.

  3. … there is absolutely no way that the media won’t go on a full-court press about the Attorney General being held in contempt by Congress.

    I think you have profoundly underestimated how corrupt, dishonest, and contemptible the American news media have become. If they report it at all, it’ll be cast as yet another example of how the do-nothing RethugliKKKan Congress is interfering with President Obama’s plans to save the nation, by swiftboating a fine public sevant and engaging in irrelevant, unimportant distractions to mislead the — Hey! Squirrels!

  4. Skip – There are substantially more Dem Senate seats up for re-election this year than Republican. Doesn’t that affect the odds a bit?

  5. No matter the time, nor place Moe, If I ever get to meet you in person, the first one’s on me.{and mebbe 2 or 3 more} Can’t thank you enough for this link.
    Now, how do we condense this enough for *Boobis Americanis*, to at least get the gist of this?

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