#rsrh QotD, Oh, Dear God That’s Embarrassing Edition.

So in 2010 the Washington, DC school board challenged hackers to get into their absentee voting system…

Yeah, you, I, and Glenn Reynolds know where this is going.

Anyway, a team from the University of Michigan broke in, replaced all the votes with write-ins for “Bender Bending Rodríguez” (yes, the robot), accessed critical files that would have permitted social engineering and/or wholesale voting fraud, got into the general network to use the security cameras, fended off several other hacking attacks both foreign and domestic, tagged the site with an “Owned!” gif, and programmed the site to play the UofM fight song.  In case you were wondering, this was not a particularly subtle finishing move:

And yet…

Despite all this, the system administrators did not notice anything strange until two days later.

Ah, Dizzy City.  I’d recommend that the portions of it not on the Federal Mall be given back to Maryland and Virginia, except that neither state would take them except at gunpoint.


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