…Wow. That MSNBC lineup is pretty representative of the Democratic establishment.

I know that the takeaway from this clip is to go HA!  MSNBC is really going to miss Dennis Kuchinich, who got whupped in yesterday’s primary* – and, indeed, that is one takeaway.  Another is Wow. An incoherent and excitable talking head who can’t keep his facts straight (Matthews); a woman-hating, spluttering buffoon (Schultz), two/three token minorities (Maddow & Sharpton)… and two older, fairly nondescript white guys who don’t say much in that particular clip.

Unkind of me, really, but it’s not like MSNBC wouldn’t return the favor.

Moe Lane

*Non-federal elections matter.

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  • NotSoBlueStater says:

    To beat a drum I beat often, this is a precursor to the stunned disappointment MSNBC will feel when Scott Brown gets re-elected. Scott Brown was beatable by a reasonable Democrat in this heavily Democrat state. The national money bet Warren instead.

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Basically. You reap what you sow. Maybe we’ll get Kucinich to carpetbag it to run for the MA other seat someday and end up with two moderate Republicans in the Senate.

  • DanB says:

    I doubt they’ll be missing him long. I imagine that he will become a “regular guest” within a few weeks of him leaving office. After a month or two, he’ll be an “MSNBC contributor” and regular guest host. One year, on the outside, and it’ll be the “Kuchinich Round-table” or some such similar.

  • lourae says:

    Enjoying this, as well as President Cynical’s pander to the latino voter, Dem Convention Chair Villaraigosa, pushing gay marriage as a plank. Or should I call him President Evolving?

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